The Benefits of Loft Insulation

11th December 2015

Read on for the ultimate guide to loft insulation. From the benefits of loft insulation to the best types and how much you should expect to pay, we also detail how to use your loft for storage once loft insulation is installed, and much more.

Why is loft insulation needed?

Loft insulation is one of the most effective ways of preventing heat loss in your home. Did you know that around 25% of the heat you generate in your home is actually lost through your roof? By installing effective loft insulation, you can easily prevent this and make your house more energy efficient which will save you money and reduce wasted energy.
How does loft insulation work?
Loft insulation works similar to the workings of a flask, by where it keeps drinks hot or cold through an insulating layer between the drink and air. Essentially, air is a poor heat conductor so as only tiny air pockets are trapped inside insulation, this minimises the amount of heat that can pass through so that heat will stay in the home during winter and keeps cool in the summer.

What are the benefits of loft insulation?

• Save up to £250 per year off your energy bills!
• It will help keep your house warm in winter and cooler in summer
• Insulation will help prolong the life of your boiler by creating a constant living environment
• Increases your homes Energy Performance rating and reduces your carbon footprint.
• Loft insulation actually helps reduce condensation problems in your home.

What is the best type of loft insulation to use?

At Instaloft we only work with the best of modern insulation, Earthwool, which is:
• Very cost effective
• Super-soft feel- no itchiness compared to traditional insulation.
• Non-combustable
• Made using Recycled materials and rapidly renewable organic materials with ECOSE Technology
• Formaldehyde Free binding process
• No added dyes
• Up to 70% embodied energy

What is the recommended thickness required for loft insulation in the UK?

The current regulations under the EEC programme states that a minimum 270mm of loft insulation is required. If you already have existing loft insulation which isn’t 270mm thick, you can have additional layers added to bring it up to the required thickness.

How much is loft insulation?

On average, you can expect to pay £9.99 per m2 for 170mm top up.

Why choose Instaloft for your Loft Insulation?

At Instaloft we only use the most effective and environmentally friendly insulation materials so you know you are getting the best products in your home. We also lay your loft insulation in a specific way. One layer between your joists, and another layer length ways across the joists. This means that your loft insulation will be up to building regulation standards. It will last indefinitely too so you won’t have to change it every few years.
We also promise to never leave any mess or dust and all packaging is removed by the installers.

Can I still use my loft for storage with thick insulation?

Storing your possessions directly on top of your insulation will reduce its efficiency and could even cause damp problems in your loft. Boarding directly onto the insulation will have the same effect. This is why Instaloft specialise in installing the award winning LoftZone raised loft boarding system which allows for the correct ventilation to protect your insulation while providing a safe and secure storage space in your loft. Find out more about this system here.


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