How To Maximise Storage Space In A Small Loft

30th January 2017

Not sure if boarding your loft space will provide the storage space that you need? Even if you have a small loft, there are many ways to maximise storage space in a small loft. See below for a breakdown of storage ideas for your unused attic, all of which can be provided by Instaloft; the Midlands’ leading LoftZone boarding system installer.

Truss Shelving

Limited by floor space in your loft? Truss storage is the perfect way tomaximise storage space in your loft with limited square footage by going up and installing shelving within the truss areas of your attic. The truss shelving installed by Instaloft are extremely strong and will support nearly anything you wish to store, including suitcases and much more.

If you would like to know more about Truss Shelving and find out if it is suitable for installation in your loft space, give us a call on 0800 046 3955 or fill out enquiry form here.

Boarding Between Loft Rafters (even the most complex of loft rafters)

Think you can’t board your loft because of a complex arrangement of rafters in your loft? This set-up can make you think you have limited options to board you’re loft, or minimise your floor space, but we have ways around this. Complex rafters are often the case in New Build houses especially, but this doesn’t stop Instaloft’s expert installers. Some loft boarding companies may refuse these installs due to the level of work involved as it can seem daunting but this isn’t a problem for us. Instaloft can board around rafters to give you the maximum storage available. Check out examples of what we can achieve here.

Give us a call to discuss your loft boarding needs, even if you have lots of complex loft rafters limiting your space. Call on 0800 046 3955 or fill out enquiry form here.

Boarding Over High Loft Insulation

It is a common belief that you can’t board a loft that has high levels of loft insulation, no matter what the size, and that is most certainly true with standard boarding, however Instaloft are different. We use a system that has been specially designed for boarding over high loft insulation, which transforms previously unusable area into an extremely useful storage space. The BBA approved LoftZone raised floor boarding system is the only industry-approved loft boarding that gives your insulation the room to breathe and work effectively.

Find out more about this system here.

Loft Boarding for New Builds

If you would Iike to increase the floor space in your home by up to 50% by maximising your loft storage space, book you FREE, no obligation loft survey by calling us on 0800 046 3955 or use our contact form here.