How to Make a Loft Safe for Storage

16th May 2017

Make the most of your unused or insulation filled loft by converting it into a usable and safe storage space with loft boarding. Standard loft boarding however just won’t cut it, find out how to make your loft safe for storage below.

Loft Boarding You Can Trust

The award-winning LoftZone loft boarding system has gone through rigorous safety testing making it the approved choice by the BBA and is the only system to carry CE marked parts.

Our Raised Loft Boarding System means that the loft boards are installed ABOVE the level of your loft insulation, protecting not just the insulation but also any pipework and wiring too. In addition you get to maintain the savings made from your loft insulation and keep a warmer home.

The Strongest Loft Boarding System Available!

The Loftzone loft boarding system is comprised of supports made from extremely strong engineering grade plastic and aluminium cross beams. As you can imagine this creates a very strong and safe platform in your loft that surpasses the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum imposed floor load requirements.

It is the ONLY loft boarding system available in the UK to carry parts with the CE kitemark for British Standards. Loftzone Storefloor hold up to a MASSIVE 500kgs per square meter (independantly testied by

How not to board a loft and make it dangerous

Standard loft boarding directly onto joists can damage your property in a number of ways:

  • Substandard materials – unapproved/tested boarding can crack and fall through under your weight or storage.
  • Can cause damp – as standard boarding is placed onto the joists of your roof, this will inevitably squash your insulation, which stops it from working and will cause condensation to build up as it doesn’t have room to breathe.
  • Repair costs – once damp gets into your roof, if gone unnoticed, it spread into your home and can cost thousands to repair.
  • Increases heat loss – the money you spent to improve the energy efficiency of your home will be wasted if you install standard boarded – squashing insulation stops it from working. Some installers will even remove installation to make way for boarding.
  • Invalidate your New Build Home Warranty – even if you are happy to take this risk, when it comes to selling your property, having standard boarding installed could reduce the value of your home having no warranty attached.

How to Ensure Safe Loft Access:

Loft Hatch

It’s not uncommon for homes to have inadequately sized loft hatches, making access extremely difficult. However having a suitably sized loft in an awkward location can be equally troublesome. We can easily remedy this by enlarging the loft hatch opening and replacing the hatch itself as well as relocating the hatch to a more convenient place. We offer a range of energy efficient loft hatches and free installation. View our range here.

Loft Ladder

Do you find yourself hauling a ladder up the stairs to access your loft? Not only is this time consuming and a nuisance, but it’s also a put off to using your loft space to its full storage potential as you know it’s a pain to access. A professionally fitted loft ladder however would make both the thought and the action a breeze, allowing fast and easy storage a reality. View our range here

Balustrades & Grab Rails

Take a step further in protecting your safety and consider a balustrade to help prevent accidents around the loft entrance – available in both timber and steel designs. Grab rails are a great alternative and provide a strong anchor to help pull yourself up into the loft.


Instead of finding and then carrying a torch up into loft every time you want to find something, having a loft light installed, either a single loft light or fluorescent tube light, will help you find your way with ease.