Loft Shelving & Bespoke

Increase the Practicality of your New Loft Storage Space with our Range of Bespoke Options

Here at Instaloft we can install much more than loft ladders and loft boarding. We also offer a full range of optional extras that can really make a difference to the character of your loft and the way that you use it, including Loft Shelving and more bespoke options.


If you have a small loft space or simply need extra storage, we can install specialist truss shelving to provide you with even more storage space in the seemingly wasted nooks of your loft.

Truss Shelving Install - £49.99

We will install truss shelving into the trusses at the sides of your loft. Each shelf is approx 2.4m in length. Our truss shelves are built as a continuous run where required so you can easily slide your items along without them snagging, and they are strong enough to walk on.

Loft Shelving

Easy Access to Wiring and Cables

Do you need regular access to wiring and cabling in your loft, perhaps for your solar panels? We can make bespoke hinged board panels and cut out handles to enable easy access underneath the loft boards.

Remove Wiring from around loft hatch - £50

As there is wiring around your current loft entrance we will need to remove this in order to fit your new hatch and/ or ladder.

Loft Boarding a Whole Floor in an Older House

Boarded Edging

Opt for a super slick finish to your new loft boarding with our custom boarded edging fixtures to seamlessly hide away the visible insulation in your loft.

Why not browse our Loft Boarding packages?

If you know what you want for your loft, or would like to browse our options and receive an estimate, browse our Loft Boarding packages.


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