Loft Boarding Essentials: What you need to kit out your loft

28th December 2017

When it comes to transforming your loft from a once cluttered and dangerous area for storage, into a clean, safe and efficient loft space, there are many factors that need to be considered.

Below, we’ve compiled a list to help you understand what is required to kit out your loft area in order to make it as functional as possible.

Loft Boarding

Before you consider using your loft for storage, it’s important that the floor in your loft is strong and balanced. Loft boarding allows you to add up to 50% more floor space to your home, create extra storage space for your unused belongings and adds value to your home should you ever want to sell.

When boarding your loft you need to make sure it is done in a way that both adds storage space and protects your home. With standard loft boarding, boards are placed directly onto the joists. This is the fastest way to board a loft, however it isn’t suitable for the majority of lofts, especially if you have insulation, wiring, pipework or downlights installed. Lofts that have been boarded directly onto the joists will eventually run into issues, especially if the insulation has been squashed into place as this drastically reduces the air flow within the loft space, resulting in the build up of condensation, causing problems with dampness within the loft. If your insulation gets damp it’ll stop working and the weight and water will cause damage to your ceiling beneath. If the wooden joists get damp it may cost thousands to repair the damage.

To avoid these problems we install the award winning Loftzone Storefloor Raised Loft Boarding. This system, allows the air to flow from the eaves and continue throughout the loft and under the loft flooring, removing any risk or problems with damp or condensation. This style of loft boarding can also save you money on your energy bill as it doesn’t impede the efficiency of your insulation, unlike standard loft boarding. When deciding between the two, the award winning Loftzone Storefloor Raised Loft Boarding is the one to choose.

Find out more about the award winning Loftzone Storefloor Loft Boarding available at Instaloft.

Loft Boarding in Stafford
New Build Loft Boarding in Stoke

Loft Insulation

Around 25% of the heat your home generates is lost through your roof so you can easily see why insulating your loft can be so effective at reducing this heat loss. Not only will you reduce heat loss through your roof you can also save up to £250 per year on your energy bills, prolong the life of your boiler by creating a constant living environment and increase your homes Energy Performance rating and reduce carbon footprint.

Save on your energy bills with Loft Insulation available from Instaloft.

Loft Hatch

It’s all well and good having your loft boarded, but without proper access, its a waste. A loft hatch is essential for any loft, allowing a simple access point to your loft without ruining the aesthetic of your house with their discrete and attractive designs. There are a range of hatches to choose from, however we would recommend a hinged loft as it allows simple, easy access through the ceiling into the loft space with no air leakage.

Find out more about the Loft Hatch options available at Instaloft.

Loft Ladder

Let’s face it, getting in and out of the loft can be a nightmare without a good quality loft ladder! We’ve all done it – Had to go to the shed or garage in the rain to get a ladder to climb up with, then dragged it up the stairs to clamber up into the loft! Having a loft ladder professionally installed means that you can access your loft safely and easily at any time.

You may already have a preference on the type of loft ladder you would like to have fitted in your home. Some people prefer the lightweight aluminium variety and others will prefer the added stability and look of a timber folding loft ladder.

Have a browse through our range of safe and strong Loft Ladder options.

Ladder Balustrades or Grab Rail

So you’ve got your boarding, hatch and a ladder, but in order to make accessing your loft as safe as possible, ladder balustrades or a grab rail can ensure a safer entry and exit from your loft. Balustrades look great and help to prevent accidents by surrounding the loft entrance, alternatively you may consider a simple grab rail, providing a strong anchor to help pull yourself up into the loft. 

Make your loft safe to enter with our range of available Ladder Balustrades or Grab Rails.

Keylite 4 section Timber loft ladder for smaller openings

Loft Lighting

What use is a kitted out loft space if you can’t see anything? Loft lighting gives you full visibility in your loft space allowing you to maneuver around without needing to carry a torch up or struggling with a wired lamp. There are a range of lighting options to choose from, and a switch can also be installed by the top of the ladder to provide you with visibility before entering the loft.

Have a browse through our range of available Loft Lighting options for your loft.

Loft Lining

Lining your loft can help to further reduce heat loss through your roof. This addition will protect your belongings from roof debris and can add extra efficiency to your home, by saving you money on your heating.

Reduce heat loss in your home and find out more about our Loft Lining & Trim options available.

Loft Shelving

Depending on how much storage space you need, you may want to consider having some shelving installed into your loft to provide you with even more storage space in the seemingly wasted nooks of your loft. Perfect for heavy items that may need lifting out of the loft, allowing you to maneuver them easily and safely.

Make your stored items more accessible with professionally installed loft shelving.

Loft Hatches

All of the above is available from Instaloft, plus more. By kitting out your loft with the above items, you’ll be able to safely and simply enter your loft, saving you money on your heating bills and reducing heat loss through your roof. Should you require it, we’re able to provide a full loft boarding package, professionally installed to the exact specifications of your loft. To book a free quotation, simply give us a call on 0800 0463995, or email us at