Loft Boarding Case Studies in the Midlands

15th April 2016

If you’ve been thinking about getting your loft boarded and are looking for a trusted loft boarding company in The Midlands, take a look at our most recent customer case studies to see what we can achieve in your loft. We have included a range of examples to showcase our team’s broad experience and quality level of craftsmanship, from houses that are 100 years old to new builds and loft relocations. We only install the award winning LoftZone raised loft boarding system for all of our customer opposed to standard loft boarding for number of reasons, discover why here.

1. New Build Package

This was a new build we installed 21m2 of our Loftzone raised loft boarding system in. We also installed a 3 section timber folding loft ladder, loft light and lots of truss shelving to create extra storage space!
loft boarding in the midlands

2. Loft Hatch Enlargement

Here we have a great example of Loftzone StoreFloor installation in Stoke. Our fitters installed 27m2 of the Loftzone subframe and boarding, modified the loft hatch (including plastering and skimming) to bring it up to standard with an energy efficient UPVC loft hatch. We also fitted a fluorescent tube light and new loft ladder too for safe and easy access.
loft boarding in the midlands

3. Boarding a Challenge

A more challenging job for our fitters can be seen in this case study showing that we don’t shy away from even the toughest of boarding jobs. This was 65m2 of loft insulation and 32m2 of Loftzone raised loft flooring plus a new loft hatch and loft ladder. Many installers would run a mile seeing this complicated task but not us!
loft boarding in the midlands

4. Standard Package

This case study is from a job we completed in an older house in Coventry. This was a very straight forward loft boarding job which also had a light, new loft hatch to comply with new regulations and a loft ladder installed.
loft boarding in the midlands

5. Loft Ladder Package

Here is an example of LoftZone StoreFloor installed in Armitage within an older property. This installation was 21m2 with an enlarged loft opening fitted with a UPVc energy efficient loft hatch and a 3 section aluminium loft ladder.
loft boarding in the midlands

6. Loft Insulation Top-up

This installation was approx 27m2 of Loftzone StoreFloor installed over a top up of the loft insulation to bring it up to recommended levels. Yes, we also install loft insulation – read more here. We also installed a 3 section timber folding loft ladder with extra large hatch and a fluorescent tube light – no more hauling heavy ladders up the stairs for this customer!
loft boarding in the midlands

7. Loft Hatch Enlargement

The next installation was in Birmingham at another older property. This one was 13m2 of Loftzone raised loft floor system and boarding plus an enlarged loft hatch and aluminium loft ladder.
loft boarding in the midlands

8. Full Loft Boarding Package

In Kempsey, Worcestershire, here you can see 25m2 of LoftZone StoreFloor we installed along with an enlarged loft hatch, loft ladder and tube light.
loft boarding in the midlands


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