Increase the safety of your loft and storage

24th January 2018

Looking to increase the safety of your loft and storage? You may already have a useable loft storage space, however whether it was there when you bought the house, or you had it installed recently, you should ask the question … is it as safe as it could be?

Loft boarding alone is not enough, and depending on the type of boarding you had installed, there may be safer options for boarding. Aside from boarding, there are many loft extras that can be fitted to truly make your loft as safe and efficient as possible, minimising the risk of injury.

In this blog we’ll be covering what you need to make your loft as safe it can be:

Loft Boarding

Not many people are aware of the different options when it comes to getting your loft boarded; the options include standard boarding and LoftZone Storefloor Raised Loft Boarding.

LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding is by far the better option as it creates a strong, safe deck for loft storage and creates a loft access walkway for workman that may need access to your pipework, boiler, solar panel equipment etc. It is the strongest raised loft boarding system available, using Tri and uni supports made from extremely strong engineering grade plastic. The sub-frame creates a very strong and safe platform in your loft that surpasses the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum imposed floor load requirements, and can hold up to a MASSIVE 500kg’s per square meter.

For the safest and strongest loft boarding option for all types of house, including new build and pre 1975 houses, LoftZone Storefloor Raised Loft Boarding is the way to go. Find out more about the award winning Loftzone Storefloor Loft Boarding available at Instaloft.

Loft Boarding in Stafford
New Build Loft Boarding in Stoke

Loft Ladder

Let’s be honest, getting in and out of the loft can be a nightmare without a good quality loft ladder! We’ve all gone to the shed or garage to get something to climb up into the loft with, then dragged a step ladder up the stairs or balanced on a chair,  carrying a box in one hand while trying not to fall off the chair or hoping the step ladder doesn’t tip over. As you can imagine this is very dangerous and a simply misplacing your foot could result in a serious injury.

Having a loft ladder professionally installed means that you can access your loft safely and easily at any time. The ladder will be fitted to the opening of the loft, meaning you won’t need to worry about the ladder tipping over or wobbling as you manoeuvre in and out of the loft. Our ladders are made from strong materials such as aluminium and timber ensuring that the ladder stays securely in place.

To find the safest fit for your home, have a browse through our range of Loft Ladder options.

Ladder Balustrades or Grab Rail

Although installing a loft ladder will remove the risk of the ladder tipping over, theres still the risk of falling off and causing yourself an injury. The way to truly enhance the safety of your loft ladder is the simple addition of loft ladder balustrades and a grab rail.

The balustrades provide stability when pulling yourself up into and out of the loft opening, whereas grab rails increase stability when climbing the ladder providing something to hold onto while you carry that suitcase or other item into the loft. These loft elements remove all the stress of getting into an out of the loft, giving you peace of mind and minimising your risk of  a nasty fall resulting in an injury.

Make your loft safe to enter with our range of available Ladder Balustrades or Grab Rails.

Keylite 4 section Timber loft ladder for smaller openings

Loft Lighting

Put the torch away and get loft lighting installed into your storage area. Although this may seem like an obvious addition, many people still rely on a torch to guide them through their loft. As you know lofts are often cluttered, providing a great opportunity to trip and fall on the edge of an out of place box. Using a torch limits your visibility, whereas complete loft lighting enhances it, minimising your chances of tripping, hurting yourself and potentially breaking things in your loft.

Have a browse through our range of available Loft Lighting options for your loft.

Loft Shelving

Perfect for heavier items, loft shelving allows you to manoeuvre your things easily and safely, preventing back injuries and strain when lifting. Although this will mainly provide benefit to those who have a large amount of heavy items in their storage, it can also free up floor space for other items, allowing you to keep your loft neat and tidy, removing potential tripping hazards.

Make your stored items more accessible and safer to manoeuvre with our professionally installed loft shelving.

Loft Hatches

All of the above is available from Instaloft, plus more. By kitting out your loft with the above items, your loft will transform from a potentially dangerous area of your house, to a safe and easily accessible storage area. Should you require it, we’re able to provide a full loft boarding package, professionally installed to the exact specifications of your loft. To book a free quotation, simply give us a call on 0800 0463995, or email us at