The Dangers of Boarding Over High Levels of Loft Insulation

24th April 2017

A common misconception surrounding the now high levels of loft insulation recommended in your home is that you cannot install loft boarding. This is very much the case when considering standard loft boarding as it can have adverse effects on your home. Find out more about the dangers of standard loft boarding over high insulation below and discover the award-winning and approved alternative.

How Standard Loft Boarding Can Damage Your Property

  • Can cause damp – as standard boarding is placed onto the joists of your roof, this will inevitably squash your insulation, which stops it from working and will cause condensation to build up as it doesn’t have room to breathe.
  • Repair costs – once damp gets into your roof, if gone unnoticed, it spread into your home and can cost thousands to repair.
  • Increases heat loss – the money you spent to improve the energy efficiency of your home will be wasted if you install standard boarded – squashing insulation stops it from working. Some installers will even remove installation to make way for boarding.
  • Invalidate your New Build Home Warranty – even if you are happy to take this risk, when it comes to selling your property, having standard boarding installed could reduce the value of your home having no warranty attached.

Why We Wouldn’t Recommend Standard Loft Boarding

  • Squashes insulation
  • Removal of insulation required
  • Decreases energy efficiency
  • Loss of energy savings
  • Invalidation of New Build Home Warranty
  • Low chance of guarantee
  • No guarantee on the quality of materials used which questions safety

The Solution To Boarding Over High Loft Insulation

Here at Instaloft however, we install the ONLY loft boarding system specifically designed to fit over high levels of loft insulation. Built using a lightweight yet incredible strong platform made of galvanized steel cross-beams and extremely strong supports, The LoftZone system leaves an air gap underneath the loft flooring to allow airflow and prevent condensation. See the illustration below to see how this system works.

Here are the benefits of the award-winning LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System

  • The only boarding system design for high levels of loft insulation.
  • It is the only loft boarding approved for New Build homes and WON’T VOID your warranty.
  • The only BBA approved raised loft floor system.
  • Fast, less than one-day installation on average.
  • Full 5 year guarantee.
  • Protects your energy savings.

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