Top 5 Spring Storage Hacks

14th March 2016

As Spring arrives, now is the ideal time to have a good clear out and reorganise – not mention a deep clean! So with this in mind, we’ve gathered our favourite Spring Storage Hacks so you can keep your home effortlessly organised well into Spring and beyond. Divided into rooms of the house, read on for our essential storage hack guide.

How to Organise Your Kitchen

Fridge Focus
Reclaim your fridge and organise with ease using clear Perspex drawers. Grouping items such as condiments, cheeses, juices etc into their own separate drawers will enable you to see and access whatever you need simply by pulling out the individual drawers. This will also help contain any leaks too.
kitchen storage hacks
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Counter canisters & jars
Ever been searching for caster sugar when an open bag of flour then drops down all over the floor? Then it’s time to reorganise. Invest in air tight jars or canisters to house cupboard and pantry essentials such as flour, cereal, lentils etc. This will also make it easy to see when stocks are low.

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Declutter Your Living space

Junk draw
Everyone has a junk draw we throw all of our odds and ends in, but simple draw organisers or clear canisters can help manage the mass of stationary items, batteries etc we all seem to accumulate. The same goes for the coupons we endeavour to save – we’ve all been there; you know you could get another 10% off if you could only find that voucher that you put in a safe place that you now can’t find. Introduce a dedicated box to house all of your money saving vouchers and gift cards in so everything is safe and easily accessible.
declutter the junk drawer
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Give Order to Your Study

Paperwork Filing
A quick way to deal with paperwork day to day is to have a two level paper tray, one labelled ‘Action’ and one ‘File’. Then use lever arch files to file them with dividers; one for house hold bills, another for banking and investments.
how to organise paperwork
We’ve found a great article on more in depth filing guides here.
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Space Saving Tricks for The Bedroom

Clothes Overhaul
So you’ve had a clear out of your clothes but still have a wardrobe bursting from the seams. If you can’t decide which items to part with, simply hang your clothes with the hangers backwards, then when you wear a piece of clothing, hang it back up the right way round. Then by the end of the season, it will be easy to see what you haven’t worn, all of which could then be donated.

This is one storage hack we have already put in place in our own house! When storing away linen sets, simply fold away the fitted sheet, top sheet and extra pillowcases then place them within a pillowcase of the same set – no more hunting round for a matching set! So simple yet so effective!

Vacuum Pack
One of our favourite ways to increase wardrobe storage is to pack away bulky winter clothing such as jumpers and coats in space saving vacuum storage bags. These special bags reduce the size of your items by up to 75%, meaning you can store 3 times as much and will also protect your clothes from dust and moths too.
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Love Your Loft

For items you won’t need for at least 6 months, store them safely in your loft space. For safe and accessible loft storage space, have you considered getting your loft boarded?
Turning your loft space into a storage haven has never been easier with our Award-winning boarding system that will also enhance the effects of your insulation, so will actually save you money on your energy bills too!
loft storage
Standard loft boarding is not the safest way to utilise your storage space as these boards often squash your loft insulation which can cause damp to form. This could not only damage your belongings but cause irreversible damage to the structure of your home. This is why Instaloft are proud to offer raised LoftZone loft boarding system. Learn more about Standard Loft Boarding vs. Raised Loft Boarding here.

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