Standard Loft Boarding vs. Raised Loft Boarding

26th February 2016

There are many reasons why Instaloft choose to only install LoftZone’s award-winning raised loft boarding system over standard boarding, however many of our competitors insist there is no difference. This couldn’t be further from the truth which is why we have listed a breakdown of the benefits of standard vs. our raised loft boarding so you can make an informed decision when looking to board your loft.


Standard: Standard loft boarding is a term used to describe the methods used by many loft boarding companies for the services that they offer. These generally include boarding directly onto the joists or using timber to raise the level of the floor to ‘accommodate’ any insulation. Over the years many homes have been boarded by other companies or home owners without the knowledge that it shouldn’t be done this way at all. In fact Building Sherriff tell people they should not have their loft boarded full stop because of the potential damage it can cause when done incorrectly.

Raised (Loftzone): Designed to suit all ages of property whether you live in a new build house or a much older property. In fact, the Loftzone Storefloor is the only system that will not void a new build house warranty due to the new insulation regulations. The BBA (British Board of Agrément) has now approved the Loftzone raised loft floor system as the only system suitable for the boarding out of domestic lofts in New Builds. The BBa is a body set up by the government in 1966 which certifies products for use in the construction industry. Standard loft boarding has never been approved as a method for boarding out lofts.

Effects of loft boarding on insulation.

Standard: Standard Boarding is no longer the recommended method to use to have a loft boarded. Installing loft boards directly onto the joists causes thermal bridging. As a result of this, condensation can build up and cause problems with damp. Couple this with the fact that in order to lay the boards the fitter will need to squash or remove your insulation neither of which should be done at all. Insulation needs to breath and if your insulation gets damp due to condensation forming, it will stop working and the weight and water will cause damage to your ceiling beneath. If the wooden joists get damp… well needless to say it may cost thousands to repair the damage that damp can cause.
Some installers will tell you that they raise the floor using timber to accommodate the insulation. They will claim to use lightweight timber called CLS timber, however this is still adding a lot of weight to your existing flooring and also is insufficient in height to allow the insulation to breath. There must be at least 50mm of air space above the insulation and below the boarding in order to allow the correct passage of airflow and avoid damp/ condensation problems. Do the math- Insulation should be 270mm to 300mm thick, Most joists are around 100mm thick. They will claim to use 2×6 timber which is actually only 140mm in height. 100mm + 140mm is 240mm therefore despite the installers claim it will still require squashing of the insulation and will leave no airflow to stop damp and condensation.

Raised (Loftzone): Our Loftzone Raised Floor Loft Boarding allows the air flow from the eaves to continue throughout the loft. The design of the system means that air can travel in all direction over the insulation and under the loft flooring so that problems with damp or condensation do not occur. It is the only loft flooring system available in the UK that meets the guidelines set out for building regs and is approved by the BBA for the boarding of lofts.


Standard: In terms of safety, you cannot take chances. Many so called loft boarding companies boast years of experience but provide a substandard service to homeowners that wouldn’t know the difference. They often charge very little and I often find myself questioning how they can afford the materials to do the job correctly given the quotes that we have seen floating around. This leads us to the conclusion that they use substandard materials and cut corners where it matters most. If installed well, standard boarding is safe as its uses the existing structure of the house as its base, if installed badly you are likely to fall through your loft to the room below. If the timber gets damp, over time it will become soft and unsupportive.

Raised (Loftzone): The Loftzone loft boarding system is comprised of supports made from extremely strong engineering grade plastic and galvanised steel cross beams. As you can imagine, this creates a very strong and safe platform in your loft that surpasses the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum imposed floor load requirements. Our Loftzone Storefloor installations hold up to a MASSIVE 500kgs per square meter. Again it is the only system in the UK that has been approved by the BBA for the safe boarding out of lofts.


Standard: From £399-£799+. Depending on whether or not they have said they will raise the floor and of course the size of the area to be boarded. More reputable companies will give prices similar to our own for work to be carried out and despite the fact that they will use timber, they will do a far better job than those offering cheap loft boarding. Remember if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Raised (Loftzone): Our Loftzone Package quotations are generally between £800 and £1300 for average sized houses. These include the raised flooring area, a quality branded loft ladder, a light fitted by a professional electrician (not by a handyman as most other loft boarding companies do) and possibly a new enlarged loft hatch. New builds often tend to be a little cheaper as less construction work is required. Over time, our raised loft boarding over your insulation will also save you money as it enhances the effects of your insulation. This is something that boarding your loft with timber cannot do.

Why take chances. Instaloft is the leading installer of loftzone Storefloor raised loft boarding and flooring in the Midlands and in fact one of the largest installers of Loftzone in the UK. We aim to keep our prices competitive and will work together with all of our customers to come to a suitable solution for all of your loft storage needs.