Self Storage or Loft Boarding: Which is Better?

5th September 2018

Most people at one point or another find themselves needing extra storage space. The initial thought is that a rented self-storage unit is the way to go. This is because not everyone is sure of their storage options and it appears to be more financially convenient to pay on a monthly basis.

When you think it’s time for you to consider more storage space, its best to suss out what all of your options are. Heres a few key points we think you should consider before making your final decision.


Self-Storage – The variations for self-storage units are location and size. You can choose from a range of suitable sizes for your items.

Loft Boarding- Using the award-winning Loftzone Storefloor raised loft boarding system, adds up to 50% more floor space into your home. Alongside loft boarding you can include other loft services, such as Insulation, Shelving, Windows and much more to create a unique, personal, useable space.

Protection of your items

Self-Storage – While your items are locked away in your unit, they can prone to becoming damaged through damp or theft.

Loft Boarding – When loft boarding is done well it eliminates the risk of dampness, meaning your items don’t get damaged. So whether you are storing your Christmas dec’s or priceless family heirloom’s we’ve got you covered.


Self-storage – Payments are made monthly for a specific place which is secure. Better for cash flow but may result in higher overall costs if used for an extended period of time.

Loft Boarding – Unlike self-storage your monthly payments go towards a service which can then add significant value to your home. Here at Instaloft we don’t charge until the service is complete, to ensure you are getting the best possible result. Once the work is complete it changes a dark, dangerous area into an extra useable space, which adds value to your property and is also valuable to your convenience and time as all your items can be stored in your own home.


Self-Storage – While your items are stored in a secure unit, you can assume they are relatively safe. Most storage companies have a receptionist or member of staff available during ‘sociable/working hours’ to assist you which is helpful.

Loft Boarding – Loft boarding is installed by experts, ensuring the utmost safety in your loft. Being in your own home, alongside our other services such as loft ladders, balustrades and grab rails, enforces extra safety measures to avoid injury.

Everyone’s individual needs are different and there is no right or wrong answer. From the list above you can see the benefits of each option, we believe loft boarding is a far better use of your money and time for your storage needs, as the payments are available to be made monthly there is really nothing stopping you from making a positive change to your home and the way you store your possessions.

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