Preparing Your Home For The Cold Winter Months With Loft Insulation

5th October 2018

As the weather gets colder and we head into the bitter winter months your energy bills will be the ones to suffer as you turn the heating up to avoid freezing in your home. There are a lot of ways that you can reduce your energy bill and still stay warm through winter but before you go and grab yet another woolly jumper have a look into how loft insulation can cut your energy bills and stop you losing heat through your loft.

Saving energy with loft insulation

You can end up loosing up to a quarter of the heat that you have paid to keep your house warm through the roof of your house. This is because of the basic law of physics which reads; hot air rises! Using loft insulation will stop this precious heat from leaving your home and circulate it back down into your home to heat the rooms that you need heated.

What are the differences between a warm and cold loft?

This might seem like quite a silly question but in terms of insulation, a cold and a warm loft mean different types of insulation. If you want a warm loft you will have insulation installed into the roof which will allow the heat from the house to reach all the way up to the roof and therefore heating the loft as well as the house. If you opt for a cold loft you will have insulation installed to the loft floor so the heat will stay in the rooms below the loft and not reach any further. Which option you choose will depend on what you want to store in your loft and if it depends on temperature control.

Loft insulation can be a real money saver during the winter months and even though you might be hesitant to fork out the initial cost of having your loft properly insulated your loft will pay for its self within a year or two and you will stay warmer for longer.

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