Long term benefits of raised loft boarding

29th August 2017

Are there long term benefits to boarding a loft?

Aside from the obvious extra storage space if you’re considering getting your loft boarded you will want to know what other long term benefits there are and how it will impact the value and saleability of your home should you want to sell in the future.

Below are a few of the long term benefits of getting your loft professionally boarded with the Loftzone Raised Store Floor.

Protects Your Insulation

Unlike standard loft boarding, which is often attached directly to the joists, The Loftzone Raised Floor Loft boarding is fixed to a strong sub frame, which is raised above the joists protecting your insulation from being squashed. Over time our raised loft boarding over your insulation will save you money by maintaining your loft insulation. This is something that boarding your loft with timber cannot do.

good loft boarding 2

Eliminates the Risk of Damp

The Loftzone Raise Floor Loft Boarding allows the air flow from the eaves to continue throughout the loft. Unlike boarding a loft with a timber subframe, the design of our system means that air can travel in all directions over the insulation and under the loft flooring so that problems with damp or condensation do not occur.

It is the only loft flooring system available in the UK that meets the guidelines set out for building regs and is approved by the BBA for the boarding of lofts.

Increase the value of your home when selling

When potential buyers are looking at your home, storage and floor space will be a big factor when considering whether they want to buy your house. Loft boarding can increase the floor space in your home by up to 50% and with a fitted loft ladder, will offer a safe and easily accessible storage space.

This will be a very attractive extra selling feature for your home. Remember however, cheap standard loft boarding will squash or require the removal of your insulation which will damage your homes energy efficiency and rating so investing in quality boarding is well worth it – you really do get what you pay for. Find out more about Instaloft’s award-winning loft boarding service here.

10 Year Guarantee & Peace of Mind

We believe our customers demand the best from us and we work hard to ensure they get it. As the leading Loftzone authorised installer in the UK, we have fitted premium loft boarding to hundreds of homes across the Midlands, transforming dark, dangerous and unusable lofts in Bright, Safe Storage areas.

With so many cowboys in this industry our customers like the peace of mind of knowing they are having work completed by a company that they can trust. We are both  Fairtrades and Trustmark Accredited and as such our work is regularly inspected for compliance to these government backed quality schemes. We are also HomePro registered and offer our own Industry leading 10 year guarantee.