The ONLY Raised Loft Boarding Recommended for Insulated Lofts

What is Raised Loft Boarding?

Raised Loft Boarding is loft flooring installed ABOVE the level of your loft insulation to protect your insulation and energy savings by leaving an air flow gap between the boards and insulation. This is achieved by fixing the boards onto a strong sub frame, which is raised above the joists. Over time our raised loft boarding over your insulation will save you money. This is something that boarding your loft with timber cannot do.


What is Loftzone Storefloor Loft Boarding?

Loftzone Storefloor is an award winning, fully patented loft boarding system designed especially for installing loft boarding over insulation, to protect it and enhance the efficiency of your loft insulation opposed to standard boarding which squashes insulation and can even damage your property. LoftZone loft boarding creates a strong safe deck for loft storage or to create a loft access walkway for workman that may need access to your pipework, boiler, solar panel equipment etc.

Your loft floor will be raised using the Loftzone Raised Loft Floor System to protect your insulation, wiring and pipework from being squashed or damaged. This system is the ONLY officially approved method for boarding an insulated loft and meets all BBA and Building Regulation requirements.

What’s the difference between raised and standard loft boarding?

Standard loft boarding are floorboards fixed directly to the floor joists which squashes insulation or requires the removal of layers. Squashing your insulation stops it from working! That’s a fact. It reduces its efficiency by up to 50% and this ultimately ends up costing you money because it increases your heat loss and therefore raises your energy bills.

Although some installers and joiners recommend standard boarding, mainly because is it cheaper and easier to install than raised flooring, it can have adverse effects on your property. In our years as approved loft Insulation installers we have had a lot of experience with lofts that have been boarded directly onto the joists and the problems that have arisen as a result especially if the insulation has been squashed into place. This drastically reduces the airflow within the loft space. As a result of this, condensation can build up and cause problems with damp. If your insulation gets damp it will stop working and the weight and water will cause damage to your ceiling beneath. If the wooden joists get damp… well needless to say it may cost thousands to repair the damage that damp can cause.

To avoid these problems we only install the Raised Floor Loft Boarding which allows the air flow from the eaves and throughout the loft and under the loft flooring so that problems with damp or condensation do not occur.

Standard Loft Boarding

Raised Loft Boarding

The LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding is Suitable for ALL Property Types including NEW BUILD.
Find out more about Loft Boarding for New Builds here.

The Strongest Raised Loft Boarding System Available - The Specs:

• Tri and uni supports made from extremely strong engineering grade plastic.

• Galvanised steel cross beams that are adjustable to accommodate irregular joists – meaning our raised boarding is suitable for all lofts!

• The sub-frame creates a very strong and safe platform in your loft that surpasses the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum imposed floor load requirements.

• It is the ONLY loft boarding system available in the UK to carry parts with the CE kitemark for British Standards.

• The Loftzone Storefloor can hold up to a MASSIVE 500kg’s per square meter (independently tested by


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