Loft Lining & Trim

Protect Your Belongings & Finish your Loft Space to an Exceptional Standard

As part of our 5 star loft boarding service, we are pleased to offer a number of complementing services to finish your brand new storage space to an exceptional standard. This includes loft lining which protects your belongings from roof debris and can add extra efficiency to your home.

Breathable Membrane Loft Lining - £5.99 per m2

We will install X m2 of loft lining to the rafters in your loft

Vapour permeable breathable membrane allows your roof to breathe, meaning you won’t need traditional ventilation. It will also protect your belongings from all the unsightly and dirty roof debris.

It’s suitable for use on warm or cold non-ventilated and cold ventilated roofs. This membrane can improve energy efficiency – saving money on bills – and provide durable protection against condensation, water and air infiltration.

Thermal Foil Loft Lining -
£9.99 per m2

We will install X m2 of thermal foil insulation to the rafters in your loft.

Thermal foil insulation was essentially designed to keep your house warmer during the winter but it’s string heat reflective qualities (up to 97% heat reflection) means that it will also keep your loft cool in the summer too. Like our other lining it will also help protect you things from unsightly and dirty roof debris.

Loft Trim

Now included as standard on all of our installations, we can line the boarding area of the entrance with breathable membrane fixtures to discreetly hide away the visible insulation in your loft.

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If you would like a safety rail as your part of your package, and receive an estimate, check out our Loft Boarding packages.


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