Loft Ladder Balustrades
& Grab Rails

Increase The Safety of Your New Loft Storage Space

At Instaloft we can install much more than loft ladders and loft boarding.

We also offer a full range of optional extras, including Loft Ladder Balustrades & Grab Rails, that can really make a difference to the character of your loft and the way that you use it. Protect your safety and consider a balustrade to help prevent accidents around the loft entrance – available in both timber and steel designs. Grab rails are a great alternative and provide a strong anchor to help pull yourself up into the loft. We offer a choice of loft ladder balustrades & grab rails to Increase safe access to your new storage space.

Timber Loft Balustrade - £150

Our Timber Loft Ladder Balustrades look great and help to prevent accidents by surrounding the loft entrance.

Once you open up your loft with a ladder you are probably going to use it a lot it and it is worth playing safe and taking all sensible precautions. This balustrade or hatch safety guard rail kit will make your loft ladder safer to use. Once in your loft it helps prevent anyone from accidentally falling back through the hatch space. Designed to fit the Midmade range of loft ladders. Simple and straightforward to install, it only requires that you trim the timber lengths to the size of the ladder’s hatch.

Steel Loft Balustrade - £150

Our Steel Loft Ladder Balustrade is very firm and rigid and provides a safe sturdy surround to your loft.

The Loft Surround Safety Rail is extra safety for you in your attic space. The Loft Surround rail does exactly as it says surrounds the attic stairs opening at 1m high the three sides of the attic stairs opening so it is extra security and safety for you when you are entering and exiting your attic space and also while you are in your attic. The Surround Rail can fit most attic stairs openings – The width is adjustable going from 500mm to 750mm.

Steel Grab Rails - £89.99

A Grab rail is a great alternative to the balustrade and provides a strong rail to help pull yourself into the loft.

The Grab Rail is a simple yet very effective balance rail that gives support when entering and exiting the attic.  It is made from 22 mm steel tubular and it is especially effective when carrying items.

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