New to Instaloft – Loft Clearance & Cleaning in the West Midlands

22nd June 2016

Due to popular demand, Instaloft are now pleased to offer a fully comprehensive loft clearance and cleaning service throughout the West Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire. Find out more in our latest blog.

Through our core business of loft boarding, loft ladders and insulation, our customers often ask us about moving belongings and rubbish out of lofts too. As demand has increased, we are now happy to provide loft clearance services as part of a full loft flooring or insulation job or as a standalone service.

Why Clear Your Loft

There are many reasons as to why people may require external help to clear their lofts; the most frequent of which includes lack of time and homeowners not being comfortable to safely remove items from the loft themselves. Moving home or having your loft boarded or extra insulation installed are the most common reasons to kick start a clear out, or perhaps you would like our help to sort through keepsakes and heirlooms, whatever your reasons, our team at Instaloft are here to help.

Attic Clearance Step by Step

1. When Instaloft arrive at your home they will first discuss with you, and agree/confirm the work to be carried out. Once agreed, they will start by laying dust sheets throughout the working area and begin clearing your loft.

2. Any items that you want to keep will be placed in the designated location within your home. The rubbish and unwanted items will be bagged up and taken away with us to be recycled wherever possible. We are licensed waste carriers so you can have confidence that we will always dispose of your unwanted items in accordance with waste disposal guidelines.

3. Our team will help you to sort through your items to decide what you want to keep and once you know, they can help you put it all away, either in the loft or wherever else you decide.

Don’t have a loft ladder? No problem. We always carry the required equipment to allow us to access your loft safely and easily.
Worried about mess? Don’t worry, we lay protective covering over the working area and always clean up after ourselves.
Loft Hatch too small? We are used to getting into these spaces as we do it every day however if you like we can also enlarge your loft opening for you and install a new energy efficient upvc loft hatch.

Please call us for a quote on 0800 046 3955 or contact us here.


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