Loft Boarding for New Builds

We can help you transform your loft into a massive storage area so you can store away your belongings safely and de-clutter your home WITHOUT VOIDING your New Build Warranty.

Have you been told that having loft boarding for new builds can't be done without voiding your new build warranty?

That's a scary thought after making such an investment in your new home. You really want that extra storage space in your loft but voiding your warranty by squashing or removing the insulation or getting a bad job done certainly isn't an option!

A Typical New Build Loft Boarding Package

If you want to make the most of your loft space you may wish to know what you can have done. Most People that have a New Build Loft Boarding Package choose to have the following:

A Chosen Area of our Specialist Raised Loft Boarding System – Some choose just the central area and some prefer the entire loft

A 3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder with operating pole for ease of use – 3 Section Timber Folding Loft Ladder with an new extra large hatch are also very popular.

A Single Pendant Light & switch – Or Upgrade to a Fluorescent Tube Light & Switch, both fitted by our fully qualified electrician and a minor works certificate issued

Truss Shelving – A great choice to gain some additional storage space above floor level and popular in smaller lofts.

Commonly Asked Questions for New Builds

Yes! Instaloft can board your loft without risking your New Build Warranty. In fact, our patented system is the ONLY officially approved method to board a new build loft over high insulation. The award winning system has been developed by Loftzone to raise the floor safely ABOVE the insulation without the need to squash or remove it. It has been vigorously tested and approved by the BBA and is the only system in the UK to have not only passed but exceeded the requirements for loft boarding. Find out more below and view many examples from our recent loft boarding installs, which have been fitted for our customers across The Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Standard Loft Boarding is where the loft boards are fitted directly onto the loft joists or onto a timber subframe. It is effectively a DIY method of boarding a loft and isn’t suitable for an insulated loft at all let alone a new build loft. Using a timber subframe to “raise” the floor is generally insufficient in height to avoid squashing the insulation and adds a lot of additional weight that the structure was never designed for. It can also lead to damp and condensation. Standard Loft Boarding has not been recommended for lofts since 2013. Even prior to then it was becoming frowned upon.

With the higher levels of insulation in modern homes we retain more heat in the rooms below. This in turn reduces the temperature in the loft space.

Modern equipment such as tumble dryers, washing machines and showers increase the amount of water vapour in the air too so most of us now live in fairly humid environments. The increased humidity slowly makes it was into the roof space resulting in a cold space with a high degree of water vapour present. This means maintaining air flow is more important than ever.

Boarding directly onto the joists or onto a timber subframe means that air doesn’t cool fully before it hits the timbers and boarding. These then act as  thermal bridges which gather interstitial condensation and damp. Over time they will start to rot and become unsafe. It can also effect the structural timbers as well. It is therefore recommended that there should be an airflow gap between the boards and insulation of at least 50mm, something that cannot be easily achieved with standard loft boarding.

We are really proud to have become the leading Loftzone authorised installer in the UK. We fit premium loft boarding to New Build Homes across the Midlands, having transformed hundreds of unusable lofts into safe and usable storage spaces. For your peace of mind we are fully insured and offer a 10 Year Guarantee on all workmanship. We are also Trustmark and Fairtrades Accredited.

Check out our New Build Customer gallery to see how our loft boarding can transform your New Build loft.

No loft is too complicated for Instaloft.

In many new build homes, we often see a complex arrangement of roof support beams which would faze or even seem unworkable for some boarders but not for Instaloft! The adjustable support beams on the sub frame allow us to work with even most uneven of joists and beams. The photo examples here show the high level of craftsmanship put forward by our skilled installers on even the most complicated loft spaces to get the maximum storage space possible for our customers. As the Leading Loftzone Installer in the Midlands we ensure all parts of our installations are strong and safe. From the loft flooring to the loft ladders, loft lighting and truss shelving, we leave nothing at all to chance!

How to Maximise Space in a Small New Build Loft:

Some New Build loft spaces don’t have the biggest square footage with support beams limiting the usable space even more, however this doesn’t mean your loft space is unusable. Truss shelving is a great way to maximise storage space, utilising previously redundant space while also creating easy-to access storage points. The truss shelving installed by Instaloft are extremely strong and will support nearly anything you wish to store, including suitcases and much more. As the Leading Loftzone Installer in the Midlands we ensure all parts of our installations are strong and safe. From the loft flooring to the loft ladders, loft lighting and truss shelving, we leave nothing at all to chance!


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