How to Increase The Value of Your Home

29th June 2017

If you’re thinking about moving house or simply want to make some worthwhile upgrades to your home, read our essential list of ways to increase the value of your home; from small inexpensive changes that make a good first impression to investment worthy refits.

Aim Your House at Your Target Market

Do some research to work out who your most likely type of buyer is and present your property to match their lifestyle. Your target market will help you to decide whether you present a spare room as an office/study/gym or play room for example. If you have a garden, you could also use this to ‘set the scene’ for entertaining or as a play area.

Convert your front garden

If your front garden has the potential to house another car parking space, then it is most definitely worth considering converting your front garden. This would be especially beneficial if you live in an area where parking is limited or comes at a premium. Ideally, you want to keep some flowerbeds and greenery but remember this can always be achieved with pots and trailing plants.

First Impressions

Taking the time to upgrade the font of your property will go along way in making a good first impression and setting the tone of what to expect throughout the house. Some suggestions include:

Paint the house: Giving it a fresh coat of paint will provide a much needed refresh and help it stand out against your neighbours.

Upgrade the doors / windows: If a full on refit isn’t required, a fresh coat of paint or simply cleaning the windows will make a big difference. A new stylish letterbox or new house numbers are more low cost but effective upgrades to consider also. Look at your neighbour’s properties for inspiration!

Clear the driveway: Pull up any weeds, beautify your flower boxes, or introduce some colourful potted plants to dress your porch. Pressure washing your driveway/block-paving can also make a big difference and reveal a colour of stone you can’t even remember it being!

The most important rooms in the house

Unlike bedrooms and livings rooms where redecorating is a fun part of making a new home your own for new owners, two rooms worth the investment to increase your home’s value are the kitchen and bathroom. We would advise keeping it simple yet luxurious with room for personalisation. Buyers will be put off by a new kitchen if it’s not to their taste as it would seem a waste to change something so new.

Increase Your Storage Space

Storage is a big factor when buying a new home so finding ways to showcase this to potential buyers is crucial. If your home is lacking in storage, have you considered premium loft boarding? Loft boarding can increase the floor space in your home by up to 50% and with a fitted loft ladder, will offer a safe and easily accessible storage space. This will be a very attractive extra selling feature for your home. Be aware however, cheap standard loft boarding will squash or require the removal of your insulation which will damage your homes energy efficiency and rating so investing in quality boarding is well worth it – you really do get what you pay for. Find out more about Instaloft’s award-winning loft boarding service here.

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