Home improvements for New Builds – What you can do without voiding your new build warranty.

31st July 2017

If you’ve bought or are thinking of buying a new build house, you may already be thinking of ways you can improve and decorate your home. New build homes in the UK are covered by a new build warranty that covers physical damage to your home resulting from the failure of the builder. The warranty doesn’t provide cover for any alterations or extensions you make to your home, or for any damage or problems caused by those changes; smoothing you need to keep in mind when planning home improvements.

To avoid voiding your new build warranty, it’s important that any building work is carried out carefully by competent contractors who are fully insured.

Read on to discover a range of ways to improve your home without risking voiding your warranty.

Painting and Decorating

When you move into your new home, you will likely be excited to get to work on decorating the place to make it feel like home. There are a lot of options when it comes to decorating, you could consider painting throughout the house or maybe putting up some striking wallpaper to add your own personality to your new home.


Hanging pictures and putting up shelves on your walls can add some life and colour to your new home and help you settle in. You must take care when adding decor to your walls as there may be electrical devices, gas pipes and/or cabling in the way. Before you start drilling holes or hammering in nails, take care to establish the position of cables to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the walls. There are a range of wall scanners on the market to give you peace of mind before fixing pictures and shelving.

Add Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to help make your home more energy efficient and cheaper to run. So long as the installation does not damage the building, the warranty will remain valid. Be sure to properly look into rent-a-roof schemes and panel leasing as these schemes can affect the marketability of your home when you go to sell.

Extend Your Home

Looking to add a bit more living space to your home? A conservatory could be just the answer. As well as adding more space to your home, conservatories are great communal spaces to enjoy your garden and home during the summer months. You could also consider growing your living space by adding bedrooms, a porch or by extending an existing room to make it bigger.

Increase Your Storage Space

Having adequate storage is important when choosing a house. If your new build doesn’t quite have the storage you need, you could consider boarding your loft for some extra storage space. Boarding your loft is a great way of adding extra storage to your home without compromising on the living space in your home, often increasing floor space by up to 50%.

However standard loft boarding will invalidate your new build warranty because with standard loft boarding, the boards are attached directly onto the joists which squashes loft insulation and stops it from working.  Squashed insulation causes condensation, which if left will cause serious damp issues in your roof. Once damp sets in, it can go on to affect the entire structure of your house and cost thousands to repair – this is why standard loft boarding will void your home’s warranty.

The LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding system is the only approved way to board your new build home without voiding your new build warranty. This is because the award-winning flooring was specially developed to protect high levels of loft insulation and creates a strong safe deck for loft storage or to create a loft access walkway for workman that may need access to your pipework, boiler, solar panel equipment etc.

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Standard VS Raised Loft Boarding