Turn Your Wasted Loft Space Into The Ultimate Storage Solution!

We Proudly Install The Best Loft Boarding In The Midlands

Relax as we effortlessly transform your unused and wasted loft space into the Ultimate Loft Storage Solution! Gain masses of storage space so you can safely store your belongings and de-clutter your home.

Our Patented System is Suitable for New Builds & Older Homes Alike

Increase The Floor Space In Your Home By Up To 50%

You can gain up to 50% more floor space in your home by having your loft boarded by Instaloft. Imagine having all that extra space to store your belongings, No need to keep wondering what you are going to do with all those boxes piling up in the spare room. The keepsakes you cant bear to part with can be kept safely in the loft. Odd items can be stored away for future use.

You can choose to have all or just part of your loft boarded and we will help advise on the best solution for your needs both now and in the future.

Loft Boarding in the West Midlands

"Would defo recommend Instaloft! From survey to work being carried out they have been brilliant!!!"- Michelle

Why Midlands Home Owners Love Loft Boarding by Instaloft

Patented Raised Floor System

Our Patented Loft Boarding System Protects Your Insulation- We Don't Squash it Down!

No Risk of Damp

Eliminates Risk of Damp or Interstitial Condensation often caused by Standard Loft Boarding

Construction Industry Approved

The ONLY Loft Boarding System Certified by the BBA for Loft Boarding in an Insulated Loft

Minimal Disruption

On Average Our Loft Boarding Installations are Completed in Less Than a Day

Premium Quality Loft Boarding with a Guarantee to Match

Strong, safe and energy efficient, Instaloft only install the award winning Loftzone Storefloor raised loft boarding system. This system has been tested to the extremes to last up to 60 years! It is the ONLY loft boarding system to have met and surpassed the requirements for a storage floor and the ONLY system certified by the BBA for loft boarding in an insulated loft.

Our work comes with an industry leading 10 year guarantee, that’s double or more what any other loft boarding company offers so you know you are safe for years to come. 

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New Build Loft Boarding Storage
Loft Boarding in Older Houses
New Build Loft Boarding
Storage in a loft

Why Choose Instaloft to Board Your Loft?

When you are ready to have your loft boarded to create the extra space that you need, you want to have it done quickly, and with as little fuss and mess as possible.

As a family run business we believe in treating our customers like family and their homes as if they were our own.

We pride ourselves on the work we do and our relationship that we develop with our customers.

“First class, friendly customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”

“Fitters arrived early and did an excellent job left no mess at all”

“Fantastic job done in our loft, the team are very professional, tidy, very fast workers and a completed a very high standard of work. Thank you!”

Using a loft for storage

Why Is Instaloft SO Different To Other Loft Boarding Companies?

We Don't Squash or Remove Your Insulation!

To protect your insulation an energy savings we raise your floor using a specially designed subframe made from engineering grade plastic supports and galvanised steel cross beams. The system is lightweight and very strong.

It has been tested to British Standard 6399 floor loading, even at +60 and -20oC and Complies with Part L1A of the UK Building Regulations

The System is ventilated by providing an air gap between the loft boards and loft insulation. This allow air to travel freely between the two and to avoid issues with damp and condensation often caused by the usual ways of loft boarding.

It is the ONLY loft boarding system in the UK that has been approved by the BBA for use in an insulated loft.

Loft Boarding Instaloft - Good
Loft Boarding - Bad

Boarding a loft using a timber subframe to house the insulation is simply not acceptable anymore, it just isn’t compatible with loft insulation. Yet there are many so called professionals still offering to do it, and many householders who think they are getting a bargain.

This method of boarding a loft squashes the insulation down. Squashing insulation reduces its efficiency by 50-60% therefore rendering it almost ineffective. In addition, it doesn’t leave any airflow over the loft insulation and can lead to thermal bridging which may cause damp and condensation problems.

If you have an uneven floor, wiring, pipework or other obstructions then it become an even bigger problem trying to get an even floor free from trip hazards.

Then there’s the extra weight. A 17m2 area of loft boarding using a timber subframe will add 65 stone in weight to your loft! your loft structure was never designed to take the much weight and there are even some “companies” showing off using two layers of timber…

Why Take The Risk?

Choose your house type below to find out what we can do for your home

Loft Boarding for New Build Homes

Your New build loft can’t be boarded using standard loft boarding. Find out how we can board your loft without voiding your new build warranty.

loft boarding for modern homes

Loft Boarding for Modern Houses Built After 1970

Your modern property has a trussed roof so is similar to a new build but with a few differences. Find out how we can maximise your storage space.

loft boarding for older houses

Loft Boarding for Older Homes Built Pre-1970's

Older Lofts can sometimes require additional work compared to modern properties. Learn more about what can be achieved in your older home.