Clever Ideas For Safe Loft Storage

12th March 2018

So you’ve had your loft professionally boarded and can now begin to store your belongings, but what is the most efficient and effective way to do so?

Below are a couple of clever tips and ideas to maximise the efficiency of your storage, allowing you to store your belongings in a safe, secure and uncluttered way:

Loft Storage Boxes

One effective way to store your belongings, that many people don’t think to do, is to use stackable plastic containers such as the ones pictured.

Not only does this protect your belongings from dust and damage, it keeps items organise. Adding a few labels on the top of the boxes will make finding and transporting belongings into and out of the loft a whole lot easier.

Most importantly, using storage boxes prevents the loft from being cluttered with loose belongings all over the floor increasing the risk of tripping, falling or hurting yourself badly. The loft is the last place you want to be with a sprained ankle, I can tell you that for free!

Boxes for Storage 02

Loft Shelving

Although you may have reduced the clutter in your loft by using various stackable storage boxes, professionally installed truss shelving can help to maximise the useable storage space in your loft even further.

Even with the storage boxes, the loft floor can still become cluttered. However, the additions of shelving allows for more loft space. Organise your loft more efficiently, make transferring boxes safer by mitigating the risk of back injury from lifting heavy boxes from the floor and make your belongings that would have previously been at the bottom of the pile more accessible.

Find out more about how to make a difference to the character of your loft and the way that you use it with Loft Shelving and more bespoke options from Instaloft.


Loft Ladder Balustrades & Grab Rails

It’s not only inside of the loft that you want to be safe, you need to protect your safety entering and exiting the loft as well. By installing a balustrade or grab rail you can help to prevent accidents around the loft entrance, like falling or dropping items that you are moving into the loft.

Available in both timber and steel designs, grab rails are a great alternative and provide a strong anchor to help pull yourself up into the loft.

We offer a choice of loft ladder balustrades & grab rails to Increase safe access to your new storage space.


Non Slip Matt’s

One final addition to your loft that will increase the safety, is the addition of non slip matts to the boarded floor. Unless you’re regularly dusting and cleaning your loft, a lot of dust and dirt will settle on the floor of the loft making the surface slippery and unsafe.

The simple solution is a few non slip mats along the corridor of the loft. These can be found at most homeware stores for a cheap price.

Non Slip Mats

By kitting out your loft with the above items, your loft will transform from a potentially dangerous area of your house, to a safe and easily accessible storage area. Should you require it, we’re able to provide a full loft boarding package, professionally installed to the exact specifications of your loft. To book a free quotation, simply give us a call on 0800 0463995, or email us at