5 Ways To Maximise Storage For Spring Cleaning

31st March 2017

1. Make the most of your wardrobe

If a single rail and shelf is all that is organising your wardrobe right now with shoe boxes stacked at the bottom – then this is the perfect place to start your spring storage sort out. If bespoke made storage isn’t in budget, modular components will help you make the most of your wardrobe and utilise dead space. Double rails, shelving, slim-line chest drawers, baskets and stackable storage will help you organise your wares like a pro. Inexpensive draw tidies will also help you organise on a micro level that will make a big difference with items such as underwear, ties and jewellery. Take inspiration from the gallery shown.

Don’t limit this tip to the bedroom either – these tips can also be used study spaces, workshops, and utility cupboards.

2. Readjust your shelving

It may sound simple but a lot of people forget about their adjustable shelving and actually moving it to suit their current storage needs. With just a few minutes of time adjusting them, you may find you’ve solved your storage problems and at no extra cost what so ever!

3. Hang it up

The hang it up theory can be applied to almost anywhere in the home. In the kitchen, consider hanging space for your pots and pans to free up valuable cupboard space or wall planters for your essential herbs and clear your windowsill. In the bedroom and bathroom, remember doors are wall space too – look for over-the-door products and you’ll be amazed and what you will find. From towel hooks and racks to super space saving shoe pockets and tie racks.

4. Make the Most of Floor Space

It may be considered bad feng shui, but if you’re stuck for storage, under the bed or otterman style beds provide a wealth of storage potential. Under cribs and even sofas also offer up great storage options. Other ideas to consider include under the cabinet draws in your kitchen – why waste the space and consider custom made draws in your new kitchen to store items such as gadget instructions and placemats etc.

5. Utilise your Loft Space

Did you know you can gain up to 50% of your home’s floor space by transforming your loft into a usable storage space? With the high levels of insulation now required or at least recommended in most homes, you may not think loft boarding is possible, but with Instaloft it is. We use the ONLY award-winning loft boarding system especially designed to protect high insulation and provide a strong and safe storage space that will protect your energy savings and your belongings. This system, called LoftZone raised boarding is also the only BBA approved boarding that won’t VOID a New Build warranty making it suitable for both old and new lofts. With extras such as truss shelving, loft ladders, lighting and much more also available – get in touch with Instaloft to begin your loft transformation today.

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