5 Top Tips on How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

23rd November 2015

Retrieving the Christmas decorations each year isn’t always the easiest and most enjoyable of tasks. If you’re anything like our family, this scenario may sound a little familiar; first there’s hauling the ladder to the loft hatch, climbing up with a spotlight, then lifting down all of the boxes of decorations using the unstable ladder, very, very carefully. And that’s just the first part, then there’s rummaging through the boxes to make sure everything is in one piece, detangling the Christmas lights and struggling to get the tree up. But all of that is now a distant memory and can be for you too with our 5 top tips on how to cleverly store your decorations away! From fun DIY storage solutions to ingenius ideas you won’t believe you’ve lived without, read on for Christmas storage made easy.

how to store christmas baubles, 1. Tree and house ornaments and baubles don’t always come in lovely self contained storage boxes so we’ve found a few ways to house your decs.
– One great DIY solution is to glue paper cups to cardboard place them inside plastic storage tubs (see pictured, source marthastewert.com) – simple yet brilliantly effective! DIY guide here.
– Another hassle free solution is to collect up your old egg boxes and use these as they are ideal for bulk standard baubles.
– Alternatively, to store your most prized ornaments, invest in a purpose built ornament storage box like these ones here.

how to store christmas lights2. Detangling Christmas lights is seasonal gripe for many so you’ll be delighted to hear, there’s an easy solution. There are lots of reel & storage bags on the market specifically for Christmas lights, (see what we found here) or alternatively, wrap your lights round an old large can or large piece of rectangle card and keep in a shoe box.

wreath bag, how to store a wreath, 3. Protect your wreaths and garlands from getting squashed and dusty with purpose made Circular wreath & garland bags or if you have them, use old hat boxes.

gift wrap storage, 4. Wrapping presents can be as enjoyable as opening your gifts when you’ve got some seriously organised gift wrap. There are so many useful storage units available (see here) or you can make your own using a simple peg board – DIY guide here.

5. Finally, where will you now store all of your neatly packed decorations? Will you be hauling them back up to the loft and piling everything on top of each other? Have you thought about maximising your storage space in the loft with raised loft boarding? Loft boarding not only gives you safe and accessible storage space in your home but will also protect and enhance your loft insulation, meaning you could save even more money on your fuel bills – even in new builds! A loft ladder and fitted light would also make getting into your loft so much more accessible, and not to mention safe! Treat your loft this Christmas with Instaloft and book your FREE loft survey today! Discover our range of loft services here.

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