5 Common Misconceptions About Loft Boarding

19th February 2018

Don’t see the value of professionally installed loft boarding? Think that it’s not worth the time and effort?

Think again. We’ve debunked a list of common misconceptions about loft boarding that may have previously held you back from booking an install yourself.


1. “Standard loft boarding doesn’t damage your property”

A common misconception surrounding loft boarding is that standard loft boarding doesn’t damage your property. This is incorrect. Having standard loft boarding installed can have adverse effects on your home.

Here are a few ways standard loft boarding can damage your property:

Can cause damp  Wood acts as a thermal bridge and thermal bridging is one of the leading causes of interstitial condensation. As standard boarding is placed onto the joists of your roof or onto “Raised” timber, this will inevitably squash your insulation to a greater or lesser degree. As a result the insulation is unable to breathe and it can begin to collect moisture leading to damp.

Repair costs – once damp gets into your roof, if gone unnoticed, it spread into your home and can cost thousands to repair.

Increases heat loss – the money you spent to improve the energy efficiency of your home will be wasted if you install standard boarded – squashing insulation stops it from working. Some installers will even remove installation to make way for boarding.

Invalidate your New Build Home Warranty – Squashing or removing your insulation in a new build home will void your NHBC warranty as it will alter the SAP ratings on the property. Using a timber subframe to “raise” the floor can also void the warranty at it’s altering the building fabrics specified.

We rarely recommend standard loft boarding however, the Award winning Loftzone Storefloor loft boarding is a high quality premium alternative to standard boarding that protects your insulation, wiring and pipework, and can save you money on energy costs over time. For more information about the benefits of Loftzone Storefloor Boarding, click here.


2. “You need planning permission to have loft boarding installed”

Having loft boarding installed for storage does not require planning permission. Planning permission is only required for larger projects or if you’re looking to convert your loft for living extension purposes.

If you would like to find out how much a loft boarding installation will be for your loft, click here to book an initial survey and receive a fixed price quote.


3. “Loft Ladders don’t add any benefit to the loft, just increases the cost”

This is not the case, loft ladders may not have thousands of benefits however the benefits they do provide are very valuable. Without a loft ladder you will need another means of getting into your loft. This can be a lot of hassle to carry a ladder upstairs, set it up and take it away once you’re finished in the loft, making the whole process take a lot longer.

Not only that but a generic ladder is not securely attached to the loft entrance which can be dangerous and increase your risk of injury should you fall. Having a loft ladder installed ensures that you’re able to safely enter and exit your loft and save you time transporting a ladder back and forth.

For a full range of loft ladders, including an electric/automatic ladder option, click here and explore the benefits.


4. “Leave your heating on low all day will save you money”

Possibly the most-followed myth on the list, leaving your heating on low all day – rather than turning it on when you get home, or installing loft boarding – is definitely not a good idea.  

When you leave the heating on while no-one is home, you’re essentially paying for energy that no one is benefiting from using. Plus, depending on how good your insulation is, all of that low heat that is pumping through the vacant house will most probably be lost before you return home.

By installing raised loft boarding which doesn’t damage your insulation, you can decrease the heat loss through the roof of your home as well as save money on energy bills as a result of the improved insulation.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of raised loft boarding on your insulation, and book a survey to assess the suitability of your property.


5. “Adding storage space doesn’t increase the value of your home”

It most certainly does. The more storage space your home has to offer, the more value is added to you home. Loft boarding can increase the floor space in your home by up to 50% and using a fitted loft ladder, will offer a safe and easily accessible storage space. This can be a very attractive extra selling feature for your home.

However, be aware that cheap standard loft boarding will squash or require the removal of your insulation which will damage your homes energy efficiency rating devaluing your home. So, investing in quality boarding is well worth it – you really do get what you pay for.

Find out more about Instaloft’s award-winning loft boarding service and book a free home survey here.


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