Loft Boarding – The Finishing Touches

24th March 2017

As part of our 5 star loft boarding service in the West Midlands, we are pleased to offer a number of complementing services to finish your brand new storage space to an exceptional standard. From essential lighting to bespoke hinged board panels and safety features to ensure access to your loft is second to none. Take a look below at our range of optional extras to upgrade your package:

Loft Lighting

From fluorescent tube lights to singular bulbs, get the light you need in your new storage space which we will arrange through our sister electrician company Instaspark on the same day as your loft boarding installation. Instaspark will install your lighting requirements and provide a minor works safety test certificate on completion.

Easy Access to Wiring and Cable

Do you need regular access to wiring and cabling in your loft, perhaps for your solar panels? We can make bespoke hinged board panels and cut out handles to enable easy access underneath the loft boards.

Boarded Edging

Opt for a super slick finish to your new loft boarding with our custom edging and breathable membrane fixtures to discreetly hide away the visible insulation in your loft.

Full Loft boarding in an older house

Safety in Your Newly Boarded Loft

Ensure extra safe access to your new loft storage space with our range of balustrades and grab rails which sit around the loft hatch entrance. We have a selection of designs to suit, from timber to slick metal, we will recommend the best design to suit your needs and loft.

Truss Shelving for Extra Storage

If you have a small loft space or simply need extra storage, we can install specialist truss shelving to provide you with even more storage space in the seemingly wasted nooks of your loft.

Protect your Storage from Roof Debris

Especially in older properties, falling roof debris can be problematic as it falls onto your storage items and belongings, however one key way to prevent this is with our specially designed loft lining. You can choose from our white loft lining which will brighten up the space, or thermal foil loft lining which will add extra energy efficiency to your home while protecting from roof debris.

If you would like to add this to your loft boarding package or would simply like these products on their own, let us know! Ready to get a quote? Get in touch here where we can provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote.