Imagine your home is constantly at the right temperature; all year round…sounds good doesn’t it? One sure-fire way to achieve this, without constantly adjusting the thermostat is with a thoroughly insulated house and in particular, an insulated loft.

Did you know up to 25% of the heat generated in your home is actually lost through your roof? By insulating your roof to the recommended levels, you could save up to £250 a year on your heating bills by reducing this wasted heat loss. If this isn’t enough of a reason to investigate loft insulation for your home, here are few more benefits:


  • Loft insulation doesn’t just benefit your home in the winter as it will also keep your house cooler in summer.
  • It minimises boiler breakdowns and helps prolong its lifespan by creating a constant living environment as the temperature doesn’t fluctuate as much.
  • When the recommended levels of loft insulation are installed, this increases a home’s Energy Performance rating and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Loft insulation will actually help reduce any condensation problem in your home.

Why choose Instaloft for your loft insulation?

We have worked with loft insulation for many years and have successfully installed the best quality insulation to lofts throughout the West Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire and beyond. With Instaloft, you can rest assured our experience and quality of work will leave you very happy…and warm

Here are few more reasons to choose Instaloft for your loft insulation needs:

  • We only work with the best of modern insulation materials and are very proud of our services.
  • It will last indefinitely so you won’t have to change it every few years.
  • Super-soft feel- no itchiness compared to traditional fibreglass insulation.
  • Made using recycled, rapidly renewable organic materials and is non-combustable.
  • Made with ECOSE Technology
  • Formaldehyde Free binding process and no added dyes
  • Up to 70% embodied energy
  • We lay your loft insulation in a specific way to adhere to building regulation standards; one layer between your joists, and another layer length ways across the joists.
  • No mess, any dust and packaging is removed by the installers.
benefits of loft insulation

Get in touch with Instaloft to discuss your insulation needs, whether you need a top-up or all new insulation.

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Did you know? You cannot use standard loft boarding over insulation as it will squash it and stop it from working. Instaloft are proud to offer the ONLY BBA approved raised loft boarding systems that protects high loft insulation while still providing a safe and secure storage space. Find out more here.