Instaloft are proud to be one of the few loft boarding companies in the Midlands that place real value on your property and your insulation. This is why we only use the LoftZone raised loft boarding system in every installation we complete. As the best way to create safe storage space while keeping your loft insulated to regs, here we’re showcasing exactly why we only use LoftZone and how it protects and enhances your insulation and property.

The safest and strongest Loft Boarding in the Midlands

The LoftZone StoreFloor is a lightweight yet incredible strong design comprised of galvanized steel cross-beams and extremely strong recycled plastic supports which surpasses the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum imposed floor load requirements. As the only boarding system with parts carrying the CE kitemark for British Standards, this loft flooring can hold up to a massive 500kgs per square meter.

Raised loft boarding support
Raised loft boarding support

Loft Boarding that protects and doesn’t squash loft insulation

It’s a fact that squashing insulation stops it from working, reducing its efficiency by 50%, which increases heat loss and thus increasing your energy bills. This is why raised loft boarding is so important. The LoftZone system leaves an air gap underneath the loft flooring to allow airflow and prevent condensation, which is essential. This is where standard loft boarding is at fault; it squashes insulation which can cause damp to form and if this gets into your roof, can cost thousands to repair.

The only approved loft boarding for New Build homes

Boarding over thick insulation inadequately can actually void your New Build Home’s warranty, making it extremely important to get it done right. The LoftZone Store floor is the only boarding system to be approved for installation in New Build homes in the UK.

loft boarding for new houses

Practical Benefits of LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding:

  • Can easily be installed around irregularly spaced or uneven joists in lofts thanks to adjustable supports.
  • Has been tested to cope with the extremes in lofts, from freezing cold to sweltering heat.
  • Is the only loft boarding approved for New Build homes.
  • It is the strongest system on the UK market.
  • The only BBA approved raised loft floor system.
  • Fast, less than one-day installation on average.

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