Loft Boarding installed in Stafford

This is an example of loft boarding installed in Stafford by Instaloft in June.

We fitted 32m2 of loftzone storefloor, which is designed to protect any insulation from being squashed and ruined. The loftzone Raised Loft Flooring raises the floor above the insulation

The Customer needed a new loft hatch and ladder so we enlarged the existing opening and installed a 3 section timber folding loft ladder.

For lighting we installed a fluorescent tube light in the main loft area and two single lights in the side area. Our own electrician is fully qualified to install these lights and also put in two double sockets as well

finally we installed lining to the loft. Due to the age of the home there was a lot of debris coming from the roof tiles so the white lining not only protects the floor and customers items from getting covered but also brightens the whole loft creating a really bright space.

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Loft Boarding Installed in Stafford

More Photo’s of the loft boarding that we installed at this home in