Looking for easier and safer access to your loft?

Optimum sized loft hatches and professionally fitted loft ladders are the way to make your loft a safe storage space to access and store your family’s belongings. Read our latest blog to discover our range of loft ladders and hatches and get the facts on how they will benefit the safety and energy efficiency of your home.

loft ladders

Loft Ladders in the Midlands – Supplied and Professionally Fitted

Our range of Loft Ladders is designed to meet any need both aesthetically and practically. Before we recommend a suitable ladder for your home, we will carry out a FREE survey to assess what type is best suited to you home on all levels. During our survey we will take a number of measurements to ensure we get the right size loft ladder or advise accordingly if your loft hatch is too small. Our fully trained loft ladder fitters can install any type of loft ladder in your home.

Loft Ladder Facts

  • Creates easy access to your loft

  • Professionally installed for peace of mind

  • Safe & Strong Branded Loft Ladders

  • Choice of aluminium or wooden loft ladders

  • Free Advice on the best ladder for your home

  • Supplied and fitted from just £149

Our Loft Ladder Range:

loft ladders

2 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder £149

loft ladders

3 Section Wooden Loft Ladder from £349

3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder £179 *BESTSELLER*

Loft ladders

Concertina Ladder £349

loft ladders

2 Section Wooden Loft Ladder £339

loft ladders

Telescopic Ladder £389

Loft Hatches in the Midlands – Supplied and Professionally Fitted.

Don’t forget when you have a loft ladder fitted you will also need a hinged drop down loft hatch as well. Many traditional loft hatches have a ‘push up’ loft door that you have to then move to one side carefully. Once a ladder is installed it sits above the loft entrance meaning that there is no way to push the old style loft door upwards.

Instaloft can install a range of loft hatches for your home which are all energy efficient, industry leading UPVc hatches that meet all current building regulation requirements.

Loft Hatch Facts

  • Energy Efficient- no more draughts!

  • Easy to Clean- no need to paint

  • Discreet and attractive designs

  • Easy access to your loft

  • Loft Ladder Compatible

  • Loft Hatch Enlargements Available

The Loft Hatch Services We Offer:

loft hatches

Loft Hatch Replacement from only £99

Loft Hatch Enlargement

Loft Hatch Enlargement £180

New Loft Hatch in New Room

New Loft Hatch in New Room £230