As the number one installer of loft boarding to New Build Homes across the Midlands, we have transformed hundreds of unusable attics into safe and usable storage spaces. In our latest blog we are showcasing just some of our New Build installations to illustrate just what can be achieved.

Can you lay loft flooring in New Build Homes?

Due to the high levels of insulation within New Build lofts, standard loft boarding isn’t advised and will also void your New Build warranty. Instaloft however use the only BBA approved and New Build recommended boarding system that won’t void New Build warranties; the LoftZone Raised Boarding System – the only system that can protect and enhance loft insulation.

What’s wrong with cheaper standard loft flooring for New Build homes?

Standard Loft Boarding squashes loft insulation which stops it from working. Squashed insulation causes condensation, which if left will cause serious damp issues in your roof. Once damp sets in, it can go on to affect the entire structure of your house and cost thousands to repair – this is why standard loft boarding will void your home’s warranty.

Examples of loft boarding in new build houses

Here are just a few examples of the LoftZone Raised Loft boarding in New Build Homes installed by Instaloft across the Midlands.

No loft is to complicated for Instaloft

In many new build homes, we often see a complex arrangement of roof support beams which would faze or even seem unworkable for some boarders but not for Instaloft! The photo examples here show the high level of craftsmanship put forward by our skilled installers on even the most complicated loft spaces to get the maximum storage space possible for our customers.

More ways to increase storage in new build lofts

Some New Build loft spaces don’t have the biggest square footage with support beams limiting the usable space even more, however this doesn’t mean your loft space is unusable. Truss shelving is a great way to maximise storage space, utilising previously redundant space while also creating easy-to access storage points. See the photos below for examples of truss shelving.

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