Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer & Warm This Winter

Have you been sweltering at home this summer?

Finding it too hot to sleep at night?

Carrying a fan with you everywhere you go?

Then you’ll be happy to hear there is an alternative that doesn’t involve expensive air con and will also benefit your home in the winter.

ways to keep your home cool
ways to keep your home cool

Interior Shutters

One sure fire way to keep the house cool is by keeping the sun out in the first place with operable shutters. We would recommend interior shutters, purely for the flexibility of using them without clambering up a ladder every time you wanted a manoeuvre them. Not only do they look aesthetically beautiful while adding character to your home but they also provide ventilation, shade, privacy, added security as well as protection from draughts in the winter months.

Image source: californiashutters.co.uk, shutters.co.uk.

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation works similar to the workings of a flask, by where it keeps drinks hot or cold through an insulating layer between the drink and air. Essentially, air is a poor heat conductor so as only tiny air pockets are trapped inside insulation, this minimises the amount of heat that can pass through so that heat will stay in the home during winter and keeps cool in the summer. By installing effective loft insulation, you can easily prevent heat loss and make your house more energy efficient which will save you money and reduce wasted energy. Loft insulation can:

  • Save you up to £250 per year off your energy bills.
  • Help keep your house warm in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Help prolong the life of your boiler by creating a constant living environment.
  • Increase your homes Energy Performance rating and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Helps reduce condensation problems in your home.

As experienced installers of loft insulation, talk to Instaloft today about your requirements and get a quote! Find out more about the benefits of loft insulation here.

ways to keep your home cool
ways to keep your home cool

Plant a tree, vines and summer climbers

Have you thought about using nature to shelter and keep your home cool? A large tree planted on the south side of your house would shade your home in the summer and let light through in the Winter as the leaves fall. If this isn’t possible however, why not consider planting vines or summer climbers to cover the heat facing side of your home. Climber coverage has the ability to reduce the daily temperature of a building by up to 50%. This option however must be considered thoroughly before going ahead as many complain that vines and ivy in particular can damage buildings in the form of digging out mortar and even causing timber to deteriorate, but this is dependant on the vine you choose and the building, there are a lot of safe options.

Image source: Wikipedia/CC BY 2.0, unsplash.