Tempted by Cheap Loft Boarding Quotes?

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Have you had a quote from Instaloft?

Unsure if you want to use Instaloft after having cheaper quotes from other companies?

Did you know 76.2% of quotes we carry out become a job installed by Instaloft? This is because we have built up a reputation for high quality work that meets building regulation requirements at a realistic price for our customers that want the best loft boarding in the Midlands. Even if you decide to go with another loft boarding company, here are a few things to consider when making your choice. Let us reassure you that spending a bit more in the long run will benefit both your pocket and your home.

loft boarding in the midlands

Building Regulations for Loft Boarding

Loft boarding companies are almost 10 a penny. There are many that claim years of experience fitting loft boarding but did you know in 2013 the rules changed in the building regulations and it is now illegal to build a raised deck out of timber without altering the SAP ratings for the roof. This regulation mainly applies to New Build properties and extensions; however Instaloft will always install our award-winning loft boarding to every one of our customer’s homes as we believe this is the best system available on the market.

The reason is because timber flooring systems in lofts are insufficient to protect the insulation from being squashed and do not allow the required 50mm breathing room over the insulation.

The Maths: A typical existing joist is 100mm high. A 4x2 CLS timber usually used by some of our competitor companies is actually only 89mm in height. This means the total height is 189mm but insulation needs 270mm plus the 50mm air gap. This means that boarding your loft with a timber subframe is ALWAYS going to squash the insulation and stop it working. This is why raising loft floors with timber is not suitable for insulated lofts. If a company offer you this then they probably don’t understand the implications. If they have offered to remove the insulation instead, this is a compromise you should not undertake.

Read more about Standard Loft Boarding vs. Raised Loft Boarding here.

Are you sure you’re dealing with a reputable company?

Are they registered with Trustmark or Trading Standards?

This is your home and a mistake can cost you dearly in the long run. Check to see if the company you are using is registered with a professional scheme such as Trustmark which enforces government backed standards with all members to ensure high quality for consumers. Another scheme will be the trading standards Safe Trader Scheme which is also aimed at ensuring companies and tradesmen have been vetted. You can’t be too careful who you are letting into your home and if they aren’t on one of these lists of reputable traders, you may want to ask yourself why.

Instaloft is the ONLY loft boarding company in the Midlands to have achieved standards high enough for Trustmark accreditation. No other installer does what we do and our work is regularly inspected to ensure the quality remains the same at all times.

loft boarding in the midlands

Loft Boarding Insurance

Is the company you are considering insured to carry out the work? All tradesmen working in your home should have the relevant public liability insurance for your protection, and be able to prove this on request. If they can’t, or refuse to show you’re their insurance document then that’s another reason to stay clear.

Instaloft Ltd is fully insured to carry out work in your home and our documents are available on request.

Is the loft boarding company legit?

We’ve seen some local installers claiming to be a limited company and a closer look found them to have ceased trading and now trading seemingly cash in hand. Do your research. Are they registered with Companies House?

Are they VAT registered?

Another key indicator of company legitimacy is VAT registration. If the company are as well known and do as much work as they claim, they will be VAT registered simply because of turnover and the law. If not… then investigate the company further.

Landline or Mobile?

Does the loft boarding company use a landline that only ever goes to answer machine or just a mobile? There could be a reason for this as it means they can avoid your calls if they want to.

Do they use Subcontractors?

Some companies only use subcontractors who don’t always care enough about your home or the job at hand. At Instaloft, all of our fitters are fully trained and employed directly by us to ensure they carry out the work to the best of their ability. As a family business, most of our fitters are family and as such work hard to ensure the reputation of our business with our customers.

Loft Boarding Guarantees

Does the loft boarding company offer a guarantee? Will they even be there to honour it? One local installer that we know is only covering himself until he retires… what happens to your guarantee then? We are told by customers that another local loft boarding company never answers his phone and if you challenge him in regards to a problem you won’t get a very nice reception.

At Instaloft we offer a full 5 year guarantee and our friendly office team will always be on hand to answer your queries.

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