Loft Boardings Extra's and Add-ons

Choose from a range of optional extra's and add-ons for your loft

Extra Options for your Loft Boarding Project

At Instaloft we can install much than loft ladders and loft boarding. We also offer a full range of optional extras that can really make a difference to the character of your loft and the way that you use it.

Take a look at the range additional services that we offer below and see how you could benefit from having a few extra items added to your loft boarding or loft flooring project.

Loft Lighting

Single Loft Light and Switch

Single Loft Light and Switch

A Single Loft light installed into your loft with a switch placed next to the loft hatch for ease of use when entering the loft.

Fluorescent Tube Light and Switch

Fluorescent Tube Light

Make your loft even brighter by having a 4′ Fluorescent Tube Light Installed. The switch is installed close to the loft hatch for ease of use when entering.

NB: All of our lighting is installed by one of our professional Instaspark Electricians and you will receive a minor works safety test certificate on completion of the installation.

Lining for your Loft

White loft lining

White Loft Lining

Transform and brighten up your loft with our White Loft Lining. This also serves to protect your stuff from debris that falls from the inside of the roof.

Thermal foil loft lining

Thermal Foil Loft Lining

Add extra energy efficiency to home while protecting your belongings from roof debris with our Thermal foil insulation lining.

Loft Ladder Balustrades and Grab Rails

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Timber Loft Ladder Balustrade

Timber Loft Balustrade

Our Timber Loft Ladder Balustrades look great and help to prevent accidents by surrounding the loft entrance

Steel Loft Balustrade

Steel Loft Balustrade

Our Steel Loft Ladder Balustrade is very firm and rigid and provides a safe sturdy surround to your loft

Steel Grab Rail

Steel Grab Rails

A Steel Grab rail is a great alternative to the balustrade and provides a strong rail to help pull yourself into the loft